Terahertz (THz) is a health power expected to maintain health and has gained increasing attention in recent years.

Terahertz -the Energy of the Universe, was discovered during NASA's research in 1950; they have continued to study this energy and announced that the frequency emitted by Terahertz is very important for human life. THz frequencies are abundant in the universe (at least 98 percent of the detectable radiant energy in the universe falls within the THz) and correspond to frequencies found in our bodies, often referred to as the Radiation of Life. For this reason, Terahertz has come to be called "the ray of life" as an integral part of life's metabolism, growth and development.

The power of this frequency seems to reach every corner of the human cell, bringing about "activation" to the human body. The frequency is very effective for working on weak human cells, enzymes and DNA, restoring the body to its normal state.

  • Benefits:

    -Protects good cells while eliminating bad cells

    -Penetrates cells deeper and faster

    -Mimics ¼ of sunlights UV energy

    -Eliminates unhealthy cells

    -Increases the bodys natural self healing process

    -Unblocks meridian and Lymph points

    -Purifies the blood and increases metabolism

    -13 years of research and development, exclusive patented technology 

    -Rapidly improves blood microcirculation

    -Detoxifies Lymphatic System

    -Rapidly Removes Water Retention

    -Activates Dormant Stem Cells in the Bone Marrow

    -Regulates the endocrine glands and protects the organs

    -Clears unhealthy body moisture and fats

  • Use this device for:



    -Weight Loss

    -Boosting the Immune System

    -Skin Problems

    -Neck & Shoulder Pain

    -Low Back Pain

    -Headache & Migraines

    -Lymphatic blockages


    -Joint Pain

    -Eye Problems


    Plus So Much More

Certified, Patented for Safety and Efficacy

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